Top Mount Control Panel and Test Function


Rotary Switch Thermostat

RT53 / RT49

Test Function

Forced operation/defrost

  • žPress Freezer temperature and super freeze together for 6 sec( display blinks for 4 sec)at this time press super freeze once more to enter test mode.
  • žEach time you press the super freeze button after you entered test mode, each mode can be selected in following order.

Forced operation—forced defrost– normal operation

Self Diagnosis

Press Freezer Temp and super freeze button together for 10 sec(beeps)

Model # SR519DP Model Code RT62WAMT1/XSA

Test Function

Forced operation/Defrost

  • Press fridge and super freeze together for 8 sec(display goes blank)
  • Pressing fridge button once to activate forced operation
  • Press fridge button twice to activate forced defrost
  • The third press cancels the test programme and returns to normal operation

Self Diagnostic

  • Press Super Freeze  and Vacation button together for 8 sec(beeps to confirm)

Load Status

  • Press Super Freezer & Vacation button together for 6 sec(display blinks  2  sec) within this time press fridge temp button to enter Load status mode

Option Setting

  • Press Freezer temperature and vacation button for 12 sec to option setting mode (freezer & Ref temp can be adjusted)

Error Code

Load Status


Test Function

Forced Operation/defrost Mode

  • Press Freezer temp and Power Freeze key together for 6 sec(display blinks for 4 sec)within this time press Power Freeze once more to enter test mode
  • Press Power freeze key once more to enter forced operation
  • Press Power Freeze key twice to enter forced defrost.
  • Press Power  Freeze key for the third time to return to normal mode

Self Diagnosis Mode

  • Press Freeze temp key and Power freeze for 10 sec(beeps, display off)

Load Status Mode

  • Press Freeze temp key and Power freeze for 6 sec(display blinks for 4 sec) within this time press  Door Alarm key to enter load status

Exhibition Mode

  • Press Door Alarm key and Power freeze Key for 6 sec to activate /de-activate

Option Setting Mode

  • Press Freeze Temp and Power Freeze key for 6 sec( display blinks) within the blinking time press freeze temp key to enter option setting.

Error Code

Load Status Mode

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