How to use Qwerty Remote control

Model code : RMC-QTD1AP2

Compatible TV Model code  : Above UA**D6600 / PS**D8000

SVC Guide

Qwerty Remote

The 2011 Qwerty remote gives you the ability to quickly enter text on your Smart TV.
There are two sides to the Qwerty remote, the keyboard side and the standard remote side.

The remote must be paired to the
TV in order to use this side of the
qwerty remote.The keyboard side of
the remote gives you a full qwerty
keyboard and number pad to help
you quickly enter text and control
different Smart TV functions.

This side of the remote
communicates with the TV through
IR. You must have line of sight in
order to control the TV.The standard
remote side of the remote control is a
standard Samsung TV remote

How To Pair The Qwerty Remote
※ Using Qwerty Remote, User must upgrade to latest firmware.
You need to pair your remote with your TV in order to use the keyboard side of the pressed.
If you remote is not paired the message “NEED PAIRING” will scroll across the display
on the keyboard side of a remote whenever a button.
To pair your remote with your TV follow these steps :
Press and hold the SYM and TAB buttons on the keypad.
The message “PAIRING” will appear on the remote screen. Hold remote within 8″ of the TV.
If the pairing process is successful the message “PAIRED” will be displayed.
You will now be able to use the keyboard side of your remote.
If the message “FAILURE” is displayed thy performing these steps again.
If the “FAILURE” message is displayed again click here for instructions on how to reset the Bluetooth in the TV.

“BT ERROR” Message Appearing On The Screen
If you are receiving a “BT ERROR” message on your remote follow these steps.
1) Remove all batteries from the remote.
2) Wait 30 seconds.
3) Reinsert the batteries in the remote.
4) Attempt pairing again.
5) If “BT ERROR” appears, repeat to attempt pairing.
After repeating if “BT ERROR” appears again your remote will require service.

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